#1: The Journey Begins Here…

Currently with no idea what the upcoming couple of years of my life have in store for me, welcome to my gap year!

We have nothing to lose and a world to see. – Unknown

For the last couple of years, my mind’s been in wanderlust mode. It’s been generating countless ideas for me – some pretty modest, some daunting and some just ridiculous. Having thought up, bottled up and saved for later each one of those dreams, this next year (or more) of my life is dedicated to finally making them happen.

My readers are going to get the chance to live these adventures alongside me as I provide you with my experiences, clue you up on the do’s and don’ts in different countries and let you in on what the guidebooks don’t tell you – all while keeping your bank account happy.

There are a couple of things set on the agenda so far: another trip to Paris (expect tips on how to explore it like a local), an Italian summer getaway and then maybe further afield…

I cannot wait to get started and help you make the absolute most out of your ventures too.



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