#3: Most Unique Bucket List Destinations

Over the last few weeks, I found myself compiling yet another list on the Notes app of my phone; welcome to my ‘bucket list destinations’.

In fact, my goal is to squeeze all 25 places into the next 10 years of my life. (You can tell I’m an optimist.) So here’s a selection of 5 of the destinations – of which I’d be ecstatic to even just cross one or two off my list – that I hope to visit before turning 30.


Laos, South-East Asia

1. Laos: Less crowded than its neighbours (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam…), it boasts just as much natural beauty. It has numerous temples and the Vieng Xai caves to see, as well as zip-lining, night markets and the tumbling turquoise Tat Kuang Si waterfall. Added bonus: everyone comes back professing how the Laotians are the friendliest people on the planet.


Kiev, Ukraine

2. Ukraine: Differently to the rest of my heritage, although I know I am Ukrainian, I wouldn’t be able to tell you whether I feel such. Despite this – or maybe in spite of it – I have always felt a pull to that country, like a young puppy on a lead, so nothing would intrigue me more than to finally set off in the direction of Kiev, Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk. The latter was in fact awarded the 2018 PACE prize for the city most actively promoting the European ideal.


Melbourne, Australia

3. Australian east coast: Sydney is the second-furthest major city in the world from where I live in the UK. But why is it that I’d want to visit this coast even if it was only a 10-minute drive away? Cue the largest coral system in the world, mountains that see more snow annually than the Swiss Alps, top-notch Greek cuisine (as Melbourne’s home to the largest Greek population outside Greece itself) and dolphin-, whale- and penguin-watching in their natural habitats.


Belém, Portugal

4. Iberian peninsula: I was lucky enough to stay with a host family in Madrid when I was just 13, but Spain is so diverse that people can’t stop going back for more. Valencia, Barcelona and Girona have definitely caught my eye for future adventures. As for the other half of the Iberian peninsula, I plan to InterRail my way though Portugal in the near future and one day go to the beautiful Azores. Despite not even having visited yet, I think Lisbon will be one of the two cities (the second being lovely Copenhagen) where I would love to live for an extended period. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.


Cappadocia, Turkey

5. Turkey: Istanbul is a striking city, home to the cathedral-turned-mosque-turned-museum Hagia Sophia and to the internationally significant Bosphorus strait where Europe meets Asia. Izmir is the 3rd-largest city in the country; a slow-paced one with ancient ruins that will instantly take you back in time. There is one last place I’d love to go to in Turkey: if you’ve ever seen a picture of a breathtaking landscape dotted generously with hot air balloons, chances are it was Cappadocia.


Which places are on your bucket list? Will any of the above be making their way onto yours?



NB: All photos in this post are from free, non-copyrighted sources.

5 thoughts on “#3: Most Unique Bucket List Destinations

  1. The Ukraine is on my bucket list! Hope to visit some day. I’ll be going to Turkey in June, and I can’t wait for it! Otherwise, I’m keen on visiting Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Oman, and the UAE, although that’ll be in the distant future!

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